Change User from licensed Role to Guest or vice versa

General Questions
Q. How can I change one of my Guest users to a role which requires a full license or vise versa - the drop down box on the user's  profile page won't let me chose the right role.
A. Yes, the Guest uses a "free" license and is different from a "paid" license so it can't be done directly but can be done by following these steps:
  1. Open the user's profile page who you want to switch and set a fake email address for him/her ie for user Jim set email to ( is ignored by our email server so won't create undeliverable email) - and if the person has a User Name then change that too - something simple like adding an "x" to the user name will suffice.
  2. On that same page Un-Check the box which says "can login".
  3. Create your new user with their new role as usual.
  4. Go to the Activity Center and filter for activities assigned to the user you set to not login.
  5. Click all the checkboxes of all the activities shown from the filter you set (Note you can click the higher level parent tasks and click the little arrow to the right of the checkbox to include all lower level tasks.
  6. See the Batch menu which pops up and click "Change User" and click the + to add the new user to all those listed activities.
  7. Go back to the user page and Disable the old user to stop him/her from showing in lists. If needed you can remove the old user from those activities using the "-" button at the step 6.
NOTE: if your user has no work attached to them and you are able to delete the "old" user then do that, but most likely they have some work done, even just creating a message or time entry and so the steps above must be followed, instead.