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This Online Help has been created with all reasonable diligence and accurateness.


However, as the product is being improved on a permanent basis, there may be slight differences between elements of the software’s GUI as shown in illustrations herein and the actual ones. We apologize for any discrepancies you may find, and will do our best to correct them as soon as possible.


Offline Version of EP Help


You can download this online help as a Microsoft HTML Help file, named ephelp.chm, that gives you the convenience of being able to study it while offline.


Use this link to download the offline version:





If on opening the ephelp.chm file you receive an error: 'The page cannot be displayed', one possible reason is that Windows XP blocks active content in the help CHM file to protect your system security. 

Solution: Run Windows Explorer, right-click on the CHM file (ephelp.chm), and select Properties from the popup menu. Click on the Unblock button immediately below the Advanced button on the General page. Click Apply to show the content. Once the CHM file has been unblocked, the Unblock button disappears.