Advanced filters

Activity Center > Views > Advanced filters

The advanced filters section is a set of controls in Activity Center whereby you can filter your list of projects and tasks with great precision.

It includes the following filters:


Resources & Constraints;

Health & Progress;

Projects, Customers & more;

Custom Fields.

Each in turn consists of a number of checkboxes that give you a wide range of filtering options. For example, you can easily bring up a list of only those projects that are in progress and with activity progress between 25 and 75%.


Combining filters

You can combine filters in any sequence and any number.

As you add a filter a new box is added to a chain of filters above the the grid of projects. A plus sign ('+') connects each pair of boxes. When the line of filters reaches the right margin of the page the chain will wrap to a new line.


Note, however, that selecting a checkbox (filtering option) under a filter or from a group of filtering options under a filter will not result in a new filter appearing. Instead, the counter of filtering options will increment by one for the respective filter. See illustration below where another filtering option has been selected for the Priorities (Project) filter resulting in the counter having changed to 2.


You can then save the current view of Activity Center as a filtered view.