Filtering by dates

Activity Center > Views > Advanced filters

Another method of filtering projects or activities in Activity Center is by dates.


Filtering for both projects and activities is available for the following dates:

- Start date

- End date

- Creation date

- Actual completion date



Filtering procedure is essentially whatever date you want to filter by. What is described below is for project start date.


To filter projects by start date:



Open Activity Center.


Click the advanced filters button (Advanced filters button).


Go to Resources & Constraints tab.


Under Dates, click the 'More' button to access available date filters.


Select the appropriate filter (Project start date).


Select one or both of two options:



Under Filter by timeframe, select an option and click 'Apply'.




Under Filter by period, select a date range and click 'Apply'.



The list will be updated to show only projects that meet the selected filter.


The filters appears as a box above the project list.


On Step 6, you can repeat selecting date ranges or timeframes as many times as you like. This will result in the corresponding number of filters appearing above the list of projects.


Canceling filters


To cancel the active filter or filters, close the respective box(es) by clicking the 'X' at their top right corner.