Filtering by people

Activity Center > Views > Advanced filters

You can filter projects or activities in Activity Center by people.


To filter out projects by project members or assignees:



Open Activity Center.


Click the advanced filters button ().


Go to Resources & Constraints tab.


Under People, click the 'More' button to access available filters.


Select a category of user from available options (see Category of User Filter below), e. g. Activity assignee or Project manager.


Select one or more filtering options—from a list of available users—by ticking respective checkboxes.


The list will be updated to show only projects and activities that meet the selected filter(s).


The filters appear as boxes above the project list.


On Step 5, you can select as many available users as you like. This will result in the corresponding number of filters appearing above the list of projects.


Category of User Filter


This filter allows you to narrow your search as it breaks the users into categories. The available categories are:


Activity assignee

Project member

Project manager

Portfolio manager

Activity creator

Project creator

Portfolio creator



Canceling filters


To cancel the active filter or filters, close the respective box(es) by clicking the 'X' at their top right corner.