Selecting activities

Activity Center > Activities

In Activity Center you select activities using checkboxes next to their names. Checking at least one checkbox will immediately make the batch operation panel visible.


To allow for quick selection of activities or sub-activities,  you can use special menu available for projects with activities and activities with sub-activities.


The menu is accessible via a downward arrow beneath the checkbox next to a project (with activities) or activity (with sub-activities), which appears when the pointer is placed on the checkbox ().


Clicking the arrow opens a context-sensitive menu. When applied to projects it allows checking/unchecking all activities (shortcut: Click + Ctrl). When applied to activities, checking/unchecking all sub-activities is available.

Since the menu is context-sensitive, if a project has already all activities selected, the menu will contain only one command: Uncheck All Activities (Click + Ctrl).



Selecting a project along with an activity is not possible. When you select a project by checking its checkbox, all the checkboxes of its activities become invisible. Check out the checkbox status chart below.



Selection Checkbox Status Chart


Checkbox Status







Selected  for a batch operation, such as duplicating.

Selected for a batch operation, such as duplicating.



The activity with sub-activities is selected as a single activity, without its sub-activities, for a batch operation, such as duplicating


The project is not available for selection when some of its activities are selected for a batch operation, such as duplicating.

The activity is not selected while some of its sub-activities are. Used when one or more of its sub-activities are selected for a batch operation, but the activity is not part of the batch.