Deleting activities

Activity Center > Activities


There are two ways to delete an activity.


Be warned that deleting an activity will result in all sub-activities and time entries associated with this activity being lost!


You may be unable to delete an activity if your role lacks appropriate permission(s).


An activity cannot be deleted for other reasons also. Each time deletion is not possible you will see a message explaining why.


Deleting an activity in Activity Center:


Follow these steps:



While in Activity Center, select the checkbox of the activity you want deleted.


Click 'Delete'.


Clear the 'Don't send notifications' box if you want the recipients of email notifications to be notified of this event.


Click 'Apply'.


Deleting activities using Activity details section


To enable the activity details section in Activity Center, make sure the 'Enable old details pages for projects and activities' option is disabled.


To delete an activity via its details section in Activity Center:



Click the name of the project you want to edit to open its details section.


Click to access additional options.


Select Delete activity.


Read the warning and confirm the deletion.