Moving activities within a project

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You can drag and drop activities within a project in Activity Center. It is a convenient way to quickly relocate an activity, make it some other task's child, etc. Moving is available either from one level to another, i.e. a child can be moved to one of the higher levels, or a parent can be made a child of some other activity. You can also rearrange the order of activities by drag-n-drop. Whenever you see a handle in the shape of four vertical dots that appear when hovering the mouse pointer over an activity, like in the picture below, you can move that activity to another location.




In addition, the cursor changes to when on or close to the handle.


You cannot move an activity to another project by drag-n-drop.


To move an activity:



Hover the mouse over the activity until the cursor changes as above and the handle appears.


Press the left button and drag the activity to a new destination. It can be the same project, i.e. the top level, other activity, in which case the activity will become its child. Easy Project will detect if the moving can be completed to the selected destination or not, and will use the appropriate indication. See illustrations below.


Release the button to 'drop' the activity at its new location.


Example 1:

Moving CAN be completed: in the illustration below the task 'Preliminary outline' which is a child of the Research Stage task is being moved to the top level, i.e. on top of the project 'Design'. The absence of a red 'X' mark and the thick black three-sided outline around the destination are indicators that the action is permissible.



Example 2:

Moving CANNOT be completed: in the illustration below the task 'Research Stage' which is the parent of the 'Preliminary outline' task is being moved under the latter. A red 'X' mark indicates that the action is not allowed.




Moving to rearrange the order of activities


You can change the current location of an activity by drag-n-drop. See above for the steps how to use drag-n-drop.

The picture below illustrates the process:


Example 3:

Moving to rearrange the order of the activities: in the illustration below the task 'Preliminary outline' which is a top-level task is being moved between the tasks Research Stage and Model 1. A thick black indicates where the task can be inserted as it is moved (between the two tasks).



Cases when moving is not allowed


There are a few conditions when an activity cannot be moved by drag-n-drop:


when trying to move it to another project;

if it is a top-level activity: to the top level of the project, i.e. when dragging it onto the project*; and

if it is a parent: when trying to move it under any of its own children.



* The current functionality does not prohibit moving a top-level activity onto a project, insofar there is no red "X" mark, but when you drop the activity the result is not what you expect.