Filtering activities

Activity Center > Activities

Activities can be filtered and sorted using a great number of filters and parameters giving you ultimate flexibility in managing your tasks, issues and requests in Activity Center.


To filter a list of activities:



Click the 'Advanced filters' button ().


Locate the required filter(s) and select appropriate checkboxes.


The list is updated automatically. If required, use additional checkboxes or filters.



Suppose you want to find all ACTIVITIES with an assignee named 'Fred' and status 'Open'.

To do so:

1. Go to Advanced filters.

2. Select 'Statuses' tab.

3. Select the 'In Progress' group of statuses, and 'Open' status.

4. Select 'Resources & Constraints' tab.

5. Under People, select 'Fred' under Activity assignees.

6. A list of activities matching the selected options will be generated.



Quick Filtering by Name


You can generate a list of up to 10 items using text search. The items include projects, activities, assignees, priorities, etc.


To use the quick filter:



Type a text string that is part or the whole of the name of an assignee, project, activity, etc. you are looking for in the text box 'Filter by assignees, priorities, projects and more...'


A list will be generated as you pause typing.


To get more results, keep typing.


The found items are grouped into Assignees, Activities, Projects, etc. The heading of a group with an icon is shown on the right side of the list.


The list can contain up to 10 items. If you want to find ALL items of a given type, e.g. projects, whose names contain the text string you used, use the advanced filters. See Advanced filters section above.



Filtering by Custom Fields


You can filter items in Activity Center by custom field values.


Filtering is only available for the following types of custom fields:

- Text

- Number

- Yes/No

- List


For example, you want to sort activities by a date custom field named 'Kick-off Meeting Date' which has today's date for its value.


As a precondition, a Kick-off Meeting Date custom field of the date format must be created beforehand, and should be assigned a value for all or some of the existing activities. Refer to Custom fields: adding and modifying and Custom fields: assigning value to to learn more.


To filter out activities by the custom field:



Open Activity Center.


Click the advanced filters button ().


Go to Custom Fields tab.


Under Activity Custom Fields, click the 'More' button to access available filters.


Select the appropriate filter (Activity > Kick-off Meeting Date)


Under Filter by timeframe, select Today and click 'Apply'


The list will be updated to show only activities with today's date as the value of the custom field.


Canceling filters


To cancel filtering:



Close active filters displayed as boxes at the top of filtered list by clicking 'X' at the right top corner.



Canceling filtering