Adding projects

Activity Center > Projects


Adding a project in Activity Center is very simple.


To add a project:



Open Activity Center.


Type the name of the project in the top text box.


To quickly specify the end date for the project, type 'by' and then the date or a word/phrase referring to a date, e.g. 'today', 'next Friday', etc.


Check below the text box what is selected on the type selector. If it reads Task, Issue or Request, click the black arrow and select Project from a list.


Select start and end dates for the project using the date selector.


Hit Enter, or click 'Create'.


As soon as the project is saved you can furnish further details to the project by clicking its name and filling any extra details on its details section. Also, see steps 3 through 4 here.


Alternatively, use the attribute buttons to add details to the project. Use the example below:



1. Suppose you want to change budget of the project.

Click the Customize button () and click the 'strong box' button () under Project. Edit the budget and click 'Save' when you are done.


2. To add estimated hours:

Click the Customize button () and click the actual & estimated hours

button () under Project. Type in the required amount for estimated hours, and click 'Save'.


3. To add a description to the project:

Position the mouse pointer over the name of the project until three buttons pop up to the right of it. Click the description button (). While typing a description for the project, you may use some editing tools, such as font change, font color, indenting, justification, etc., including hyperlinks.

Click 'Save' when you are finished.




You can simply click the 'Create' button to add a blank project. This will result in an 'Untitled project' created for you. Once the untitled project is created you can supply extra details later on the project details screen.