Notification events

E-mail Notifications & SMTP


Summed up in the table below are changes in a project’s workflow that are treated as notification events in Easy Projects.


The notification events below do not apply to completed projects, i.e. with a status marked 'Treat as completed'. See project statuses.


Calendar notification events are governed by the Calendar feature. Refer to Notification options under Calendar.







A task, issue or request has been:






- created

An activity of a given type has been added


- edited

Any changes, except for in assignees or file attachments


- assigned

Any changes in the task, issue or request’s assignees, e.g. when a user has been assigned or unassigned. 


- started

This kind of event occurs in two cases:

1. The start date of an activity (of a given type) has been changed to the current date manually, or

2. The start date of an activity is changed to the current date automatically as a result of a dependency, e.g. Finish to Start. (example: master activity's Actual completion date is today, lag = -1, so dependent activity's Start date changes to today).

NOTE: The Start notifications are NOT sent for activities that are on hold or closed.


- completed

Task, issue or request’s progress has become 100%, and/or its status has been changed to ‘Completed’


- deleted



- late

Late activity notifications are sent once daily for overdue activities, i.e. ones that are still open and have their end date in the past.





A message (file) has been:






- added

A message or a file has been posted on an activity message board.