Notification recipients: details

E-mail Notifications & SMTP


When selecting recipients to be included in a notification rule, the following points should be borne in mind:


Always notify object creator


The term 'object' in the context of notifications covers activities only.


Example 1:

An assignee to an activity have posted a message on the activity message board. The option 'Assignees only' is not selected.

Result: The creator of the activity will be notified about the adding of the message, even if the creator is not an assignee to the activity.


If the option is disabled the object creator will not be notified even if he is an assignee to the activity.


Person who made change


This option is used specifically if you want to make sure that the user who has made a change will be notified about it.



A user who is not an assignee of an activity changes its priority from 'Low' to 'Medium'.

Result: The user will be notified of the change even though he is not part of that activity.


Notification rule recipient list


You can always check who will be the recipients of a message you are going to post on activity message board in accordance with the notification rule.

To do so:



Access the Messages, Files, Audit Trail panel.


Start typing your message.


Click the Also Notify button () beneath the message text box.


At the top of the list of recipients is the 'Based on notification rule' section where all such recipients are shown as selected and grayed out (meaning the cannot be removed from the list unless the notification rule is changed).




The notification events do not apply to completed projects, i.e. with a status marked 'Treat as completed'. See project statuses.