Particular cases of closing activities/projects

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Changing status to Close


When you try to save an activity after having changed its status to Closed (or any equivalent, see Activity statuses: Treat as completed or not), you may get a message as follows:


Completing this will leave no open sub-activity for the parent activity. Would you like to mark the parent activity as complete?  Note that if there are no more open activities on the project it will be marked complete as well.



Choosing OK will result in the parent activity’s status being changed to ‘Closed’.


The same applies to the status of the last open activity under a project being changed to Closed. The project will be marked as completed after choosing ‘OK’.



Changing progress to 100 percent


If you change an activity’s progress to 100 percent, you will receive the following message:



You have specified that this activity is 100% complete. Do you want to complete this activity? Press 'OK' to change the status.



Choosing ‘OK’ will have the activity be marked as completed.


If the activity is the last open under a parent or a project, the message will pop up like one in the Changing status to Close section above.