Post reject (activities)

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If not stated otherwise, a post is understood to include a message and any files attached to it.



To use approval request notification, the notification system must be enabled. See Email notifications to learn more.



Approval requests are independent of the common notification rule.



To be able to access the message board of the respective activity an approver must have the 'View' permission enabled in his/her role.


There cannot be two or more ongoing approval processes within the message board of an activity. Before starting an approval process make sure the current one has been completed.


Post reject operation is similar to post approval. The only difference is: there is no 'Reject' button in the body of the letter notifying you about a approval pending post. Use 'Comment' button to access the post on the message board and then use 'Reject' button there.


See Post approval for details on how to request approval of your posts on the message board, and for methods of accessing posts that are waiting approval.


To reject a post:



Access the post pending approval using one of the methods (email, approval alerter). See Post approval for details.


Click 'Reject'.


A caption, 'Rejected by you', will appear under the post.



It is not possible to reject a post from the notification letter. Use 'Comment' to access the post on the message board.





You can undo your own reject at any time if you have reconsidered your decision to reject a post.


To undo the reject of a post:



Go to the message board (Messages, Files, Audit Trail panel) where the post you have rejected is located.


Click the 'Undo' link next to the caption 'Rejected by you'.