Approval request notification

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If not stated otherwise, a post is understood to include a message and any files attached to it.



To use approval request notification, the notification system must be enabled. See Email notifications to learn more.



To be able to access the message board of the respective activity an approver must have the 'View' permission enabled in his/her role.


There cannot be two or more ongoing approval processes within the message board of an activity. Before starting an approval process make sure the current one has been completed.


Email notification is absolutely essential for post approval to work as it is a quick and sure way to deliver your approval requests to the approvers you have chosen. The approval alerter and email notification work together to make sure no approval request fails to reach its addressee.


Refer to Email notification for details on how to enable the Easy Projects notification system.


Common notification rule


Approval request notification works even if the common notification rule is disabled. Please note that when a post is created with a list of approvers (one or more) no 'message added' email is sent to either the author of the post or the approvers. However, the users notified about the post via the 'Also Notify' feature will receive 'message added' email notification even if the common notification rule is disabled. If the common notification rule is enabled and has the 'Add message' rule turned on, the post with a list of approvers will generate a message added email notification to all the recipients included in the rule, save for the approvers and the author of the post.


Approve or Comment


The approval request letter is designed to inform the recipient about the fact that he or she has been requested to approve or provide feedback (comment) on a post. The recipient can react by clicking either 'Approve' or 'Comment'. In either case he/she is transferred straight to the post on the respective message board.




If the recipient of a approval request is excluded from the project by the time he/she clicks 'Approve' or 'Comment', a restricted access message will be displayed to such a user on logging on to Easy Projects. A similar message will appear if the user has no view permission at the time of trying to access the post.