Importing projects from MS Project

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Easy Projects allows for importing from another popular project management tool, MS Project. The process is not fully automatic due to major differences in the two applications’ design. Project import, however, can help you save considerable time.


Supported MS Project versions: MS Project 2013 or older.


Supported extensions: *.mpp, *.xml.


To import a project from MS Project:



Log in as user with ‘Add projects ’ permission. If you are already logged in, skip this step.


Open Activity Center from the Projects & Tasks menu.


Click the "Export & Import" button.


Retrieve the path to the project to be imported by using "Browse", navigating to the project, and clicking "Open".


Click "Process".


Match each user in the source project with one of the available users in Easy Projects, so that the latter takes place of the former with their default roles or ones of your choice in the resulting project.


When you are finished, click "Import".


Successful import results in the new project opened in the Project Details section where it can be updated as much as it needs it.



For each task in the source MS project, there will be created a respective activity in Easy Projects, preserving hierarchy, if any.


MS Project tasks vs. Easy Projects activities


The way EP fields in a resulting activity are matched with ones in the source MS Project one is as follows:


MS Project Field

Easy Projects Field


Task Name







Start Date




*) Duration in Easy Projects is calculated based on Start and Finish, not imported from MS Project's Duration field.


End Date


Work (if Estimated is selected)

Estimated Hours

The Estimated checkbox must be selected for the work value to be imported.

Percent complete


Completion rate

MS Project User

EP User



If the source project has task dependencies of a supported type – Start-to-Start or Finish-to-Start – the resulting project will have them, too. The value in the Lag field in MS Project will be copied to the Delay field in Easy Projects.


Task assignees in the source project will be converted to activity assignees in Easy Projects according to the user conversion map defined before the import.


Only the fields listed in the above table will be imported.  Custom

fields or other info will not be brought in.