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An activity can be specifically marked as a milestone in Easy Projects. To collate and present available information on existing milestones, the Milestones report is used. Technically, any milestone is a parent activity, i.e. one with sub-activities.


In Activity Center, milestone activities are identified with a milestone marker ().


To enable the activity details section in Activity Center, make sure the 'Enable old details pages for projects and activities' option is disabled.


To create a milestone:



In Activity Center, click the activity you want to mark as a milestone.


In Activity Details section, locate the Type of Activity selector.


Click the Not Milestone marker () left of the selector to toggle it to its opposite (Milestone) state ().


The change takes effect immediately.




You can unite a group of existing tasks under a milestone by simply selecting it as their parent task. See Related links below on how to add sub-activities.



Illustration: Creating a milestone.



Milestones in Gantt charts


Milestones are clearly marked on Gantt charts you generate. See Illustration.


Illustration: Milestones on a Gantt chart.



Milestones report


For details, see Milestones Report.



Illustration: Milestones are marked in red in the Milestones report.