Approval workflow (projects)

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To use approval request notification, the notification system must be enabled. See Email notifications to learn more.


Approval requests are independent of the common notification rule.


To be able to access the message board of the respective project/activity an approver must have the 'View' permission enabled in his/her role.


There cannot be two or more ongoing approval processes within the message board of a project. Before starting an approval process make sure the current one has been completed.


Easy Projects has an built-in mechanism for requesting approval from a group of users (approvers) for posts created on the message board of a project.


Typical approval workflow include the following stages:



A post is created on the message board of a project.


The creator of the post  selects a list of approvers from among project members.


The approval alerter appears on the top menu bar in the creator's account showing unread posts waiting approval, rejected or approved.


An approval request notification is sent out to the approvers (with a message 'Approval pending notice has been added') to draw their attention to the post waiting their approval.


Each approver clicks 'Approve' or 'Comment' button in the approval pending notification letter they receive. The 'Comment' button allows an approver to provide feedback on the post before approving or rejecting it.


The status of approval ('Approved by' or 'Rejected by') is visible to all the approvers as a caption under the post in question, e.g. 'Approved by 3 of 5'.


Using the status of the approval process, the creator can approach those approvers who have failed to approve, reject or provide feedback on the post. This ensure transparent and efficient approval procedure.


Guest users cannot be selected as approvers.