Post approval (projects)

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If not stated otherwise, a post is understood to include a message and any files attached to it.


To use approval request notification, the notification system must be enabled. See Email notifications to learn more.


Approval requests are independent of the common notification rule.


To be able to access the message board of the respective project an approver must have the 'View' permission enabled in his/her role.


Guest users cannot act as approvers of posts.


There cannot be two or more ongoing approval processes within the message board of a project. Before starting an approval process make sure the current one has been completed.


Post approval is a great way to facilitate discussion of important issues and managing the production process within a project. By requesting approval of your post from a group of project members you thus create a 'council' and each member of it should (1) read, (2) understand, and, finally, (3) veto (approve) your message. This makes sure that no one you deem important is excluded from the discussion of the issue you have put forward in your post.


To request approval of a post:



Click the name of the project on which message board you wish to place a post.


Turn to the Messages, Files, Audit Trail panel.


Select the Messages checkbox to ensure you can view and post messages.


Type your message in the text entry bar.


Attach files, if required.


Click 'Request approval'.


Select the users you wish to request approval from (approvers) and click 'Apply' to save the selection.


Click 'Post' to post the message and send out approval request notification.




To approve a message :


Method 1 (via Approval Alerter):


If there are posts pending your approval, but you have not received a notification by email for some reason (e.g. notification system is turned off), you can check out such posts using the approval alerter. The alerter, which acts as a button, is located on the top menu bar on its right hand side. If there are unread posts pending your approval there will be a red circle with a counter of such posts attached to the alerter.




Log on to Easy eProjcts.


Click the approval alerter. You will see time stamped notices about unread posts pending approval.


Click the notice corresponding to the post you wish to review.




As you taken to the post, click 'Approve' to approve it.




The alerter counter will decrement by one or disappear if there are no more unread posts pending approval left.




The author and other designated approvers of the post will be notified of your having approved it automatically.


Method 2 (via notification email):


If you have received an email notification about a post that requires your approval, you can approve it directly.



Open the notification letter.


Read the message.


Click the 'Approve' button in the body of the letter.


- If you are already logged on to Easy Projects, you will be taken directly to the post to be approved on the message board of the respective project.

- If you are logged out of Easy Projects, you will be taken to the logon page, and then to the post waiting your approval on the message board of the respective project.