Deleting projects

Activity Center > Projects


A project CANNOT be deleted if it has been designated as the default project for issues submitted by email. For more information, see Issue by Email settings.


There are two basic ways to delete a project. These are discussed below.


You may be unable to delete a project if permissions in your role do not permit it. Should this be the case, the "Delete" button or menu command will be inactive, that is, unavailable to you. Tip: place the pointer over the unavailable (grayed out) command  to read a system message on possible reason(s) why it is not available to you.


Follow these steps to delete a project:


Deleting a project in Activity Center:



While in Activity Center, select the checkbox of the project(s) you want to delete.


Click 'Delete' on batch operation control panel.


Confirm the deletion.



Deleting projects using Project details section


To delete a project via the project details section in Activity Center:



Click the name of the project you want to edit to open its details section.


Click to access additional options.


Select Delete project


Read the warning and confirm the deletion.