Editing projects

Activity Center > Projects

Activity Center allows you to edit any project very quickly, including its name, start and end date, status, budget, etc.


The project editing options available in Activity Center are as follows:

in-line editing of its attributes;

via Project details section in Activity Center; or


The details of both options are explained below.


In-line editing


To quickly in-line edit a project:


Locate the project to edit.


Click the attribute you want to modify, e.g. Name.


Make changes. All changes you make are immediately saved.



Suppose you want to change progress of the project. Click button with a percent value and a bar. Adjust the progress using the slider and click Save when you are done.


Editing projects using Project details section



To enable the project details section in Activity Center, make sure the 'Enable old details pages for projects and activities' option is disabled.


To edit a project via the project details section in Activity Center:


Click the project you want to edit.


As the project details section opens make required changes. For details please see Project details.


To rename or view/change description of a project


Hover the pointer over the name of the project.


If you want to rename the project, select the pen icon ().


If you want to view/change the description of the project, select the description icon ().