Project batch operations

Activity Center > Projects

Certain actions can be performed on two or more projects at a time. This is handy when you have many of these to manage.


To access batch operations for projects, do the following: 


Go to Activity Center (Projects & Tasks > Activity Center).


Select the projects you want to modify in one go.


Select batch operation:


- Manage people (add or remove members),


- Change (status and/or priority),


- Duplicate, and


- Delete.


Select required options for the operation you want to apply.


Click ‘Apply’.



To change selected projects’ status from 'Open' to 'Closed':


- Select checkboxes next to the projects to be changed,


- Click 'Change' and select the target status ('Closed'),


- Click "Apply".




Only those projects that you are allowed to edit/delete are available for selection.