Header Menu

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 All Easy Projects’s key screens and features are accessed through the header menu. It is the main gates to the program’s functional areas.

The menu consists of 6 items and a search box.

The header menu items are as follows:



Quick Action menu (drop-down menu)


Projects & Tasks (drop-down menu);


Tools (drop-down menu);


Time logs;


Reports (drop-down menu);


Custom Forms (drop-down menu);


User Menu (drop-down menu).


To learn more, click on the respective item in Related links below.



Some menu items may be unavailable to you. Whether or not some menus, features or controls in Easy Projects are available to a user largely depends on the user’s set of permissions. E.g. if your role has the ‘Manage systems settings ’ permission disabled, the Settings item will be inactive (unavailable). See roles and permissions for more information.