Projects & Tasks (menu)

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The Projects & Tasks menu consists of 5 items, as follows:





Activity Center

Opens the Activity Center

Used when one needs to:

- manage projects or activity;

- import projects from MS Project;

- duplicate activities;

- edit activities;

- etc.

My Assignments

Opens My Assignments

Used when one needs to:

- view activities the user is assigned to;

- change activity status;

- finish activity;

- post messages

- view/attach files;

- etc.

Project Calendar

Opens the Projects Calendar

Used when one needs to:

- create a new project;

- view available projects;

- edit an existing project;

- etc.


Opens the Portfolios screen

Used when one needs to:

- create a new portfolio;

- view available portfolios;

- manage an existing portfolio;

- etc.


*) This menu option is available only if the 'Show portfolios' option is enabled in Program settings.