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The User menu is located on the right-hand side of the header menu, right of the user's avatar and consists of items as follows:






Contains a submenu of elements:

System settings governing all vital settings found in the product.


My Options



System lists

Custom fields



Language selector

Allows you to select a GUI language

English is the default language.

Logout button

Logs you out of your Easy Projects account.


Help guides

Contains a submenu of 3 elements:

Help materials and useful links


Online help

Getting started

What's new in this version

Video Tutorials

Contains links to video tutorials, such as Activity List, Creating Activity, etc.

Currently available video tutorials include:





Getting Started with Easy Projects - Quick Start Guide;

Activity Center - Adding Projects & Activities;

Easy Projects Gantt Chart View Tutorial;

How to Create Project Templates;

Custom Forms to Templates;

Invite / Add Users from Activity Center;

How to Add Sub-Activities;

Editing in Activity Center;

Filtering in Activity Center;

File Approval;

How to Import Data from CSV (Excel);

Icons in Activity Center;

Colors in Activity Center;


Easy Projects website

Link to the Easy Projects official site.


Order Easy Projects licenses

Link to order Easy Projects licenses.


Update license

Contains a 2 item submenu:

see Update license below



Get license

Upload license file


Contact support

Link to Easy Projects customer support.


Suggest a new feature

Link to suggest a feature you would like to see added to Easy Projects.




Update license

Clicking this menu item brings up a dialog box with two buttons:


Get license

Use this to receive a license from an automatic EP service once your order is complete.


Upload license file

Use this to upload a license file emailed to you after you had placed your order.