Users, overview

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 Basically, there are two types of users in Easy Projects. One is global users, and the other is project-related ones. The primary global user is Administrator. In fact, when you purchase Easy Projects it comes with ‘Administrator’ as the display name of the only pre-installed user available. When you, as Administrator, start using the software, you can create other global or project-related users, assign roles to them, etc. The number of users you can create is limited by the number of available seats in your EP license.



The names that the users go by in various lists and screens in the software are their display names. As you create a new user you give them a display name and a login (name). The latter is the name the user uses to log in to the system together with a password as login credentials. Both can be changed at your discretion as Administrator (or someone else’s who you have granted the permissions of Administrator’s).






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