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 There are two basic categories of users in Easy Projects, namely:


Regular users, and


Guest users.

Guest users can interact with the system only via Guest Portal, and are created on the Guest Users tab on the Users screen. Regular users are created on the Regular Users tab.

As users are usually created to be part of a project team (unless you are creating a global user to help you manage the system as a whole), defining a place and role within a project would normally go before creating a project-related user. Suppose you now have a solid idea of what purposes you are going to create a user for within a project. To create a new user, follow the steps below. NOTE: For guest users the procedure is basically similar, save steps 7 to 9.



Log in as Administrator (or a user who has the ‘Manage System Settings ’ permission). If you are already logged in, skip this step.


From User menu select Users. You will be taken to the Users screen.


Click Create new user. This will open the User Details screen in a new window. Fill in all the required fields. Default properties of the user being created include ‘Enabled’ and ‘Can login’.


Select a value for the 'Customer representative' field. If no customer is associated with the user, select 'None'.




If you indicate that a user is a representative of a customer, then Easy Project will automatically filter out and not show that user any other users (data pertaining to) who are representatives of other customers. However, it will show the user all other users who are either representatives of the same customer or who have No customer set in their 'Customer representative' field. NB: This does not apply to users with the 'Manage system settings' permission in their role.




Add user’s picture (avatar) by uploading a graphics file (max. 40 Kb).




GIF and JPEG pictures are currently supported. The size of the file must not exceed 40 Kb.




Fill out custom fields, if any. For more details, please see Custom fields.





Can Login: This field is used to create so-called ‘resource’ users. In a nutshell, a resource user is a project member you do not need to log into and have access to the system, thus sparing one user license or more. You can assign activities to them, just like normal users but they are not able to login themselves. One example of using a resource user is when there is an office car on some project, and, say, project manager is charged with adding car maintenance costs to the project expense sheet at regular intervals, based on a mileage log kept by a project driver. In this case the car is added as a resource user.


Disabled: By disabling Easy Projects (EP) users, who you do not want to be active any more for some reason, you are able to make one or more user licenses available for adding new users, thus saving money. Disabled users are marked red, and it is only on user lists and reports where they appear.


IMPORTANT: Neither ‘Cannot login’, nor ‘Disabled’ users can be recipients of EP email notifications, and disabled users cannot have time entries added for them by someone else.



Click "Save" to save the details entered so far.


The Personal Schedule section becomes available.


By default, Monday to Friday workdays are used with 8 hours per day standard daily work load.


If Treat weekends as workdays option is enabled (see Company Schedule in this online help), you can select Saturday and Sunday checkboxes and specify workload in hours.


Click one of the available saving buttons. Clicking "Save" applies the changes without exiting, while clicking "Save and close" applies the changes and exits.


Importing users

For importing users, refer to Importing users.



The user can be emailed a welcome letter with either automatically generated password (if you have not set it for them manually), or the one you have set for the user. This requires the notification system be enabled. See email notifications for more details.



Consider using the "Save and add similar" button. Clicking it results in saving the current user and making the screen ready for entering another user’s details, with some fields filled in for you automatically.



Inviting Users to a Project or an Activity in Activity Center


See Inviting users.


Creating a user beyond the limit in your license - 5-day temporary license


When you try to create a user beyond the limit permitted by your license, a temporary license with a 5 day grace period will be automatically generated for the user.

All you need to do is to purchase an additional license for the extra user within the grace period.


Easy Projects will return the following dialog box:




To continue, fill out the user creation form and click 'Save and close' to add it. If required, use 'Show all user details'.

After you close the dialog box, an Easy Projects Customer Portal page will open in a new tab where you can complete the purchase of an additional license:




You can either complete the purchase now, or postpone it till later but within the grace period.



If you do not complete the purchase within the grace period, the 'Can login' option will be revoked for the users not covered by your license.



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