Adding project to portfolio

Activity Center > Portfolios



To be able to view a project added to a portfolio, a user must 1) be a member of that project; or 2) be a member of the portfolio, or 3) have 'Manage all portfolios' global permission.
Note: The 'Access all projects' global permission does not apply to the project unless the above conditions are met.


Adding a project to an existing portfolio consists in specifying the portfolio in the project’s details, namely using the ‘Portfolio’ field.


To add a project to a portfolio:



While in Activity Center, locate the project you want to add to the portfolio.


Click the portfolio button ().


Select a portfolio on the ‘Portfolio’ drop-down list. Use text search to quickly locate the portfolio you want.


Click ‘Save’ to save changes.


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If displaying projects is off (the Projects checkbox is not selected on the customization panel), this method works only within the project the activity belongs to.