System lists overview

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 System Lists is a screen that allows someone with the ‘Manage system settings ’ permission to alter or add some important settings fundamental to the system’s proper functioning. For example, an activity or project has the ‘open’ status as long as it is completed below 100%. It is an example of a system-wide setting which can be (and is) considered fundamental, or unalterable. Another example includes the ‘closed’ status, i.e. something completed 100%. Deleting either of these two statuses would wreak havoc, as e.g. it would be utterly unclear how to close a project at all. However oftentimes there rises a need to create statuses which lie half way between the two mentioned opposites (open – closed). These might be ‘under consideration’, ‘under revision’, ‘pending decision’, etc., etc. For this reason there is a need to be able to edit system settings, as and when need be.


System Lists


There are nine system lists:





Accessing System Settings


To access the System Settings screen, take these steps:



Log in as ‘Manage system settings’ permission user. If you are already logged in, skip this step.


Click User menu and select System lists under Settings.