Editing system lists

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System lists include the default values of various important project and activity attributes, such as statuses or priorities. You can both edit the existing and create new items. For example, you can create your own project status and call it 'Suspension'. One of the option you will have to choose for the newly created is whether it be treated as completed. It means that when selected the status will prompt Easy Projects to consider a project with this status completed. This will result, for example, in the project not being visible if the 'Show completed projects' option is turned off (to learn more, refer to My Options).

There are nine system lists:




Some of the values may be changed by Administrator, or by user with ‘’Manage System Settings’ permission enabled in her role, while others cannot be edited or deleted at all.


To edit or delete an item:



Log in as user with ‘Manage system settings’ permission. If you are already logged in, skip this step.


Get to the required screen by clicking on System lists under Settings on the User menu.


Select a tab, e.g. Project statuses.


To edit or delete an item click on its row as it changes in color. From a popup menu, select the action you wish to perform.


To add an item:



Perform steps 1, 2, and 3 above.


Fill in the required fields for an item you wish to add, and click the "Add" button. An example is given in the illustration below.




See System lists overview for more details.