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Ultimately, the status of an activity is either ‘completed’ or not. For example, an activity can be put on hold for lack of funding or some other reason, but still to be active, or ongoing. At the same time, there can be statuses ‘Checked and closed’ and ‘Closed’, which are similar in one thing – both suggest that the activity is deemed to be complete when given either status.


Now, you may wish to have a number of statuses that suit many different real life situations, such as: Pending, In Review, etc.


The question that each of the statuses must be validated against is:


Should an activity with the given status be treated as completed?


When creating custom activity statuses in Easy Projects you answer this question by choosing Yes or No for the ‘Treat as Completed’ option.


For practical purposes, this means that when given any of the statuses that are marked as Treated as Completed, an activity will be considered 100% complete.



You have an ongoing project, and at some stage your customer submits a request asking to add a feature. Once submitted, the request receives the status ‘Submitted’ (see the illustration below), which makes it an ongoing activity within the project.

Upon looking into the matter, you find that adding the feature would involve a large cost. You have a talk with the customer and he decides not to go for it.

The customer or you at his request change the status of the request to ‘Canceled’. According to system settings, this status is Treat as Completed, so the request is now complete.




To add a new activity status:


See Adding a status.


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