Creating recurring activities

Activity Center > Activities > Recurring activities

You can repeat an activity for a finite number of times within a specified period by making it recurring.


To create a recurring activity:



In Activity Center, select the activity you would like to set as a recurring one.


Click the additional options button ( )


Select 'Repeat'.




In the Recurrence dialog box that opens:


- Set the recurrence pattern in the fields Repeat every and Repeat on.


- Set the start date in Starts on (current date by default).


- Select the end date of the recurring activity in Ends on (limited by the period of recurrence not exceeding one year), OR


- Set how many copies of the activity will be created in Number of occurrences (max 99).


Click 'Apply'.



The period of recurrence cannot exceed one year.



The maximum number of occurrences that can be set is 99.



If you want to have the number of occurrences exceeding 99, use Extend. To edit the recurrence pattern, use Reschedule.




As a result, there will be created a parent activity, named 'Repetitions of [name of recurring activity}'.


Identification of Recurring Activities


Recurring activities are marked with the following symbol: .

Occurrences of a recurring activity are marked with this symbol: .




If an activity is in a dependency with another activity at the time it is made recurring, it will keep the dependency. Its recurrences will not inherit the dependency.





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