Canceling recurring activities

Activity Center > Activities > Recurring activities



Canceling a recurring activity will affect only occurrences with the start date in the future, except ones with time logs.


To delete the occurrences of a recurring activity:



In Activity Center, select the recurring activity you would like to delete OR any of its occurrences.


Click the additional options button ( )


Click 'Repeat'.




Click the Recurrence slider to turn recurrence off (left position, gray in color).


You will be warned that only future occurrences (with the start date in the future) will be deleted, except ones that have time logs.


Click 'Delete'



Canceling of a recurring task results in deleting all its occurrences that:



Have the start date in the future and


Have no hours logged (actual hours = 0).


The original activity is NOT deleted nor is the parent repetitions activity.



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