Rescheduling recurring activities

Activity Center > Activities > Recurring activities


Rescheduling results in resetting a recurring activity completely. You will be warned that all occurrences in the current recurrence will be deleted. A reschedule will not affect only occurrences with the start date in the past and with time logs.


You can reschedule a recurring activity at any time.


To reschedule a recurring activity:



In Activity Center, select the recurring activity you would like to reschedule OR any of its occurrences.


Click the additional options button ( )


Click 'Repeat'.


Click Reschedule.




In the Recurrence dialog box that opens:


- Set the recurrence pattern in the fields Repeat every and Repeat on.


- Set the start date in Starts on (current date by default).


- Select the end date of the recurring activity in Ends on (limited by the period of recurrence not exceeding one year), OR


- Set how many copies of the activity will be created in Number of occurrences (max 99).


Click 'Reschedule'.




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