Duplicating activities

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 Duplication is one of the batch operations available for activities.

You can copy activities from one project to another. It saves you time adding activities that are similar to existing ones.



Since this operation can generate potentially a great many changes in your system of projects and activities resulting in a massive influx of incoming letters, the notifications are automatically disabled during the duplication of activities.



As an option, you can choose that assignees are copied to the resulting activity(ies), too.


To perform activity copying, follow these steps:



Go to Activity Center.


Select the activities to be duplicated.


Click 'Duplicate' (see illustration below).


Select the target project(s).


Select additional options:


- for copying to a single project only: if you want a sub-activity from the source project to become a top level activity in the target one, i. e. not a sub-activity to any activity, select Create as top-level activity.


- If you want the target activities to have the same assignees as the original ones, select Copy activity assignees.


- If you want the target activities to have the same start date as the source ones, leave the Change activity start date to today option unchecked.


- Clear the Don't send notifications checkbox if you want the recipients of email notifications to be notified of this event.


Click 'Apply'.






A project can have its own activities copied to it.



Successful duplication returns a message: # activities have been duplicated.



Preserving activity hierarchy during duplication


If you wish to keep the hierarchy existing between activities being copied you must make sure that both sub-activity and parent activity are selected. This is best illustrated in the example below:



There is Project 1 with Task 1 with a sub-activity, Subtask 1, which in turn has a sub-activity, Sub-subtask 1. There is also Project 2 to which copying is being done.

If you select Task 1 and Sub-subtask 1 without selecting Subtask1, which parent activity for Sub-subtask 1, copying will result in Task 1 and Sub-subtask 1 becoming top level activities in Project 2.

However, if you select Subtask as well, the result will be the preserved hierarchy of the tasks copied.





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