Adding sub-activities

Activity Center > Sub-activities

Activity Center uses two view modes to display the list of projects and activities. One is flat view mode, where activities and sub-activities are not distinguishable one from the other. The other one is hierarchical view mode where a margin is used to tell a sub-activity from its parent. Refer to Hierarchical/flat view mode for details.


To add a sub-activity, use the hierarchical view mode.


Adding a sub-activity:


In Activity Center, click the hierarchical view selection button ().


Hover the mouse pointer over the activity you want to add a sub-activity to.


As the add sub-activity button pops up (), click it.


Give a name to the sub-activity.


Press Ctrl+Enter if you want to add another sub-activity on the same level, or


Press Enter, or click anywhere on the screen to finish adding the sub-activity.


As the screen refreshes and you see the sub-activity placed under the parent activity you can go to its details page and supply any extra details as may be needed. See steps 5 through 9 in Creating activities in Activity Center.