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To help you track time easily, Easy Projects comes with a timer.


The table summarizes the timer features:





- Click on the Quick Action menu.

- Select ‘Show Timer’.

NOTE: Timer will open in a new window.


- Open Timer

- Select project and activity to time.

- In the description field, add a description (optional)

- Click ‘Start’.


- To pause Timer, click 'Pause'.

NOTE: When you click 'Pause' the button changes to 'Resume' and no time entry is made. This function is for making a pause in timing your work with no record made of it.


- Click ‘Resume’.

NOTE: This function will simply turn Timer on to continue measuring time from where it left off when 'Pause' was clicked.

Stop/ Making Entry

- Click ‘Stop’.

NOTE: On clicking 'Stop', the measured time will be rounded to the closest 5 minutes for your convenience, and you can make a time entry.

- Add a description if you have not done so yet to identify the piece of activity that has been timed.

- Select the project and activity to log time for, if you have not yet done so.

- Adjust the measured time value, if required.

- Click ‘Add’.


- Select to mark a time entry as billable.

NOTE: Billable time entries are used to calculate billable hours you bill your clients with.




Timer will log time for the in-session user only.



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