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Editing time entries requires that you have the ‘Edit time entries’ permission(s) in your role.


To edit a time entry, follow these steps:



From the header menu, select Time logs. If you are already in the Time logs screen, skip this step.


On Add Time log tab, find the entry you wish to edit and click anywhere on the respective row, avoiding clicking on the name (hyperlink) of the respective activity or project, as this will open a respective details screen.


In the menu that pops up, select Edit this time entry.


Edit time entry fields as they open up for editing, and click "Update" when you are through with it.



Progress and hours left tracking


You can specify the progress of the activity in percent as well as hours left for the activity. The hours left value may be a preferred way to indicate the amount of work left to be done, an alternative for showing the progress. Compare: 'Task is 50 percent complete', or 'Task is 75 percent complete, or 3 hours left'.


Completion rate


As you edit time entries for an activity which is not a parent (see Parent activity completion rate below), you can change its completion rate.

Please note, that changing the rate to 100% allows you to close the activity.


Parent activity completion rate


The completion rate of a parent activity is calculable and cannot be changed manually.

Please refer to Parent activity progress calculation for details.


Hours left tracking


In addition to activity progress, Easy Projects uses estimated hours specified for an activity to calculate hours left. This is a very handy feature as it allows you to track progress as you and your team members log hours spent on the activity. The total hours left for an activity are a total of personal hours left of all its assignees.


Personal hours left


When you add a time log, it is automatically deducted from your personal hours left as seen in the respective field. The same happens when you add time for somebody else - the person's personal hours will be adjusted accordingly. The personal hours left value can also be adjusted manually.


I'm done


You can report the completion of your share of work on a given activity directly in Time logs (Add Time Log tab). To do so, take these steps:



Select the activity with which you want to report your part of work done.


Click the I'm done checkbox.


The personal hours left will be reset to zero automatically.



Selecting the I'm done checkbox will automatically select the same checkbox on the activity details screen, the Assignees section.




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