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Time entries can be marked as billed. This allows you to avoid double billing.


Marking time entries as billed can be manual or automatic. Manual marking may be required, for example, if you forgot to mark time entries in a billing report as billed the last time you generated one.



Editing time entries requires that you have the ‘Edit time entries’ permission in your role.



Billed time entries automatically become locked.


To mark a time entry as billed manually, use these steps:



From the header menu, select Time logs. If you are already in the Time logs screen, skip this step.


On the 'History' tab, find the entry you wish to mark as billed and click anywhere on the respective row, avoiding clicking on the name (hyperlink) of the respective activity or project, as this will open a respective details screen.


In the menu that pops up, select Edit this time entry.


Select the 'Billed' checkbox as a row editor opens up, and click "Update" when you are done.



As the steps below involve handling billing information, you must have the ‘Access billing information' permission in your role.


Automatic marking time entries as billed is carried out as follows:



Run a billing report as described in Billing time or Billing report.


Click 'Mark entries as Billed'. As a result, all the time entries included in the report will be marked as billed.


Using billed time entries


You can use the 'Billed' filter (available options: All, Billed, Not Billed) among the Billing report filters to include only billed time entries in a report.



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