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 The Help guides menu consists of 3 items, as follows:





Online help

Link to Easy Projects Online Help

Provides access to EP online help, with a TOC, detailed topics and an index.

Getting started

Link to a quick start guide.

Provides access to EP'quick start guide.

Video Tutorials

Link to a EP video tutorials page.

Provides access to EP'video tutorials page.


Link to Easy Projects Online Help


What's new in this version

Link to the what's new in this version page


Easy Projects web-site

Link to the EP official site’s home page

Accesses the Easy Projects official website, a major resource site for EP users, offering free downloads, users’ testimonials, video tutorials, the Try It option, order line, customer support, live demos, etc.

Contact support

Link to Easy Projects Online Support Form

Accesses Customer Online Support Form whereby you can post an inquiry, or submit an issue to the EP customer support.

Suggest a new feature

Link to Easy Projects Online Request New Feature

Accesses Customer Online Request New Feature Form whereby you can send your suggestions on how to improve Easy Projects to the EP development team.

Order Easy Projects licenses

Link to Easy Projects Online License Purchase

Accesses EP Online License Purchase where you can order online as many EP licenses as you need