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 Projects Report allows you to produce just under a dozen different reports for various purposes.


Illustration: Projects Report Controls


Use Filters to select the right type of report for you. Here are some tips.



First, select a project the report will cover. You can choose between all projects at once or one specific project at a time.


To include data on tasks, issues and/or requests in the report, tick appropriate checkboxes.


While specifying a date range, select the right reference point: Created, Started, or Ended. Note: for Project Summary, Detailed Time Sheet and Time Spent report types the reference point cannot be changed (Created, by default), nor can be removed the tick mark from ‘Use hierarchical view’ checkbox.


Select hierarchical view, if appropriate.


Now, you can select the type of report you need. Here’s all of them in brief.



Project summary report type is useful if you wish to see time utilization per individual users on activities of the type you have selected. This report also offers a view of time utilization by activity type.


Illustration: Project Summary Report




Detailed time sheet allows you to see time utilization in the form of time sheet, with a list of all respective time entries and a total of these for each user. Other data include project ID and name, activity ID and name, and time entry descriptions.


Illustration: Detailed Time Sheet Report



Activity List comes as a report with all activities of the type you have selected listed hierarchically or not. Activity-relevant data in the report include assignees, type, category, status, and end date.


Illustration: Activity List Report




Activities Due In report allows you to have a listing of all activities of the selected type(s) that are due in as many days, weeks, months or years as you indicate in the field next to the entry. Select Days, Weeks, Months or Years, as appropriate.


Illustration: Activities Due In Report



Delayed Activities is a report with all activities past their end date listed, hierarchically or not. Apart from activity ID, category, type and status, the report shows exactly by how many days the activity is past its end date.


Illustration: Delayed Activities Report



Projects and Activities Managed By report is useful when you would like to see on what activities and what projects a selected user (all users) acts as Project Manager. Other data in the report include activity ID, assignees, type, category, status and end date. Project-related data include project ID and name, customer, status, end date, and estimated hours.


Illustration: Projects and Activities Managed By Report




Estimated vs. Actual report allows you to see activities that were created, started or ended within a specified date range, with their estimated and (total) actual hours shown. Activities with their actual hours exceeding estimated duration are marked with a red background color. Ones with unspecified estimated hours are not included. Activities are grouped by project. Other data shown include assignees, type and status.


Illustration: Estimated vs. Actual Report




Activities Assigned To report has the benefit of showing activities per assignee. If an activity has other assignees, these are shown also. Other data include activity type, category, status and end date.


Illustration: Activities-Assigned-To Report




Time Spent report gives a list of activities of the selected type(s) within a specified date range with hours spent shown, based on time log entries. Thus the report helps monitor work progress in terms of actual time spent on activities at hand.



The grayed out filter 'Created, started, ended' takes no effect for this report..


Illustration: Time Spent Report


Exporting a Report to Selected Format


As soon as a report is generated, you can export to Excel or PDF, or some other available format.


To export a report:



Open the drop-down list which reads 'Export to the selected format' on the panel above the generated report.


Select the format you want to save the report in.


Click the 'Export' button next to the list that becomes active.


The report will be downloaded into your default downloads folder.