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An option on the Resources report, the ‘Resource Loading by role’ report allows you to see how resources are loaded over a selected period, with role being the key factor. It can be a great helper in the wiser allocation of resources available on a project.


Load Calculation


Load is calculated as an average over a reporting period using this formula:



where WH is total workhours assigned to a resource during the reporting period, VH is total vacations, in hours, available to the resource within the reporting period, and WS is the resource’s total work schedule, in hours, within the reporting period.



During a calendar month Charles Gray, who works Mon-Fri, 6 hours a day, had 135 hours’ worth of tasks assigned to her, and a 3 day vacation. The month had 21 work days.


Then, for her load for the month would be calculated like this:


WH = 126 hrs


VH = 40 hrs (8 times 5)


WS = 20 x 8 = 160 hrs


Lrole = 126/(160-40) x 100% = 105%




As a result of the calculation, Charles had a 105 percent average loading during that month (overloading).



When generating the report make sure to take into account the status of the option "Treat weekends as workdays" (on or off) as it is used to calculate the number of work days within the reporting period.


Load Thresholds


There are four default thresholds used for differentiating loads. These are color coded for ease of reference.



Over allocated (over 100%)


Allocated (80.00% to 99.99%)


Partially allocated (30.00% to 79.99%)


Under-allocated (0.00% to 29.99%)




The resource loading thresholds are set in System Lists.



Running the report


To create a resource loading by role report:



On the Reports menu, select subitem Resource Loading by Role under Resources.


Select a role in the Roles field. Possible choices: All, or a specific role, e.g. Administrator.


Select a date range for which to generate the report.


Click ‘Apply’.


An example of the report is shown in the picture.


Illustration: Resource Loading By Role



Export to MS Excel


As soon as a report is generated, you can have it exported to Excel by clicking on the respective link.