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 Resource Report is generated based on time log entries, and provides details of how much time an individual user or all users have utilized within a selected date range.


 Resource Report Controls



Three variations of the report are available, Person Summary, Detailed time sheet, Resource Loading Report, and Resource Loading by Role. Choose the one you want by selecting the respective radio button.


Person Summary


The Person Summary option produces a report with time inputs added up for each selected user and totals shown. This shows as a left hand part of the report. The right-hand section of the report presents time utilization by activity type (task, issue or request).


Illustration: Resource Report, Person Summary


Detailed Time Sheet


The Detailed Time Sheet is a full account of time resources utilized by a selected user (all users) within a specified data range, broken down by projects and subtotaled per each. The bottom line shows a total of time utilized by the user within the specified date range.



Illustration: Resource Report, Detailed Time Sheet


Resource Loading Report


This report allows you to see what loading your staff or team members have per day within a specific date range. It is a convenient way to see at a glance how workload is distributed in your department or team.

The report assumes that load on any given activity is distributed evenly across both the lifetime of the activity and its team of assignees. Additionally, the workday is assumed to be 8 hours long.


Illustration: Resource Loading Report




Only active projects/activities will show up on the resource loading report (status is not closed or equal to completed) because the purpose of this report is to show you how loaded your users are - if something is closed then it's not going to affect how loaded your users are with current tasks.



Days, as represented by square cells on the report, with a loading of more than 8 hours, are highlighted in red.




If you don't see any users or work hours value(s), in the report, check the respective activity/activities to make sure that users are assigned, and the activity has hours entered in the Estimated Hours field.



Illustration: Resource Loading Report, Overload Case



NOTE ON PERMISSIONS: The report will not display the projects or activities that you are unable to view due to lacking permissions in your role.


Resource Loading by Role


Refer to Resource Loading by Role.



Export to Excel or PDF


As soon as a report is generated, you can have it exported to Excel or PDF by clicking on the respective link.


 Export to Excel and PDF controls.