Email notifications, overview

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Email notification is the way to keep people informed about various events, such as creating new activities or making new assignments, occurring as you manage your projects with Easy Projects.



By default, the notification system is enabled.


To disable the email notification system:



Log in as Administrator (or a user who has the ‘Manage System Settings ’ permission). If you are already logged in, skip this step.


Click through User Menu | Settings | Notifications. This will open the Notification settings screen.


Clear the 'Enable notification system' checkbox.


Click OK to confirm your choice.



For modifying the common notification rule see here.


For viewing/editing email templates see here.



Email sending settings (in-house only)


If you have an in-house Easy Projects installation, you need to set up the email notification system on a separate tab, available for in-house installations, 'Email sending settings'.

Follow these steps:



Log in as Administrator (or a user who has the ‘Manage System Settings’ permission). If you are already logged in, skip this step.


Select Settings | Notifications on the User Menu.


In Email sending settings, make changes as required.



By default, the notification feature is enabled, SMTP authentication is not, nor is SSL.



Select the Use SMTP authentication box, if your email server requires it. This will expand the box to reveal three additional fields.


Select Enable SSL, if you wish to use SSL and your email server supports it.


Type user name and password in the respective fields.


Click Apply for the settings to take effect.


To perform a test of notification settings, click "Send test message". An email will to the email address specified for the current EP user. Should you receive an error message, correct, as appropriate.




Push notifications


If you are using Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your web browser, you can enjoy the convenience of push notifications. For push notifications on Easy Projects Android or iOS apps, refer to Easy Projects Mobile.

Push notification is feature that uses your browser (currently, only Chrome and Mozilla Firefox) to pop up a message as unobtrusively as possible in a corner of your screen allowing you to take action or simply informing you about an event. This is widely used on mobile devices, letting you know when an email  message arrives, an update is ready to be installed, etc.

To enable push notifications:



Log in to Easy Projects. If you are logged in already, skip this step.


Click My Options on the User Menu. This will open the My Options screen.


Under User options, check or uncheck boxes as required.


For push notifications in Easy Projects for Android or iOS, refer to Easy Projects Mobile.