Password policy

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To have access to the Administration settings, a user must have the ‘Manage system settings ’ permission enabled in her role. How to enable permissions, see Roles and Permissions.



This feature is only available in the Enterprise version of the product


Easy Projects allows you as administrator to set certain rules, a policy, regarding how passwords are used.


Password policy is a tab on Administration settings screen.


The password policy settings are summarized in the table.





Enable password strength policy


Checkbox, to enable/disable password policy


Minimum number of characters

Sets the lowest number of characters that can be used to create a password.


Minimum number of numeric characters

Sets the minimum number of numeric characters to be used while creating a password


Minimum number of special characters

Sets the minimum number of special  characters (&,^,%, etc.) to be used while creating a password

Don't allow users to set a password from a banned password list


If enabled, you are supposed to upload a text file containing a list of banned passwords.


File selection tool

Use it to upload a text file with a list of banned passwords.

Enable password expiration


Enable/disable password expiration


Number of days

Sets the number of days until the password expires after it has been created

Lock out user after   # invalid password attempts


Sets the number of attempts to enter the wrong password the user can make before he is locked out


Unlock user on successful password recovery

Enables the option of unlocking the user after he has followed password recovery procedure


Unlock user automatically in  # minutes

Enables the option of unlocking the user in a certain number of minutes



To cause any of the above settings to take effect, use the respective 'Apply' button.


Forgotten password handling (Password recovery)


In case you have forgotten your password, you can have Easy Projects to generate a new one for you so that you can sign in to your account. Use the steps described below.


Password resetting procedure:



On the Easy Project Login page, click the 'Forgot your password?' link.


Type in the email address to which you want the password recovery instructions to be sent at.


Wait for the instructions to arrive.


Open the message with 'Easy Projects. Recover Password.' in the subject line and follow the instructions in the body of the letter.


As a result, you will be sent a newly generated password which you can use to sign in.