Program settings

EP Help General > Settings > General > Advanced settings


This section in the My Options screen (User menu | Settings) , under Advanced settings tab, deals with the way status symbols and completion rates are displayed, as well as whether or not porfolios are to be shown.


The settings and effects they take are presented in the table:




Show portfolios

When this option is selected, the Portfolio section is enabled in Easy Projects, giving access to creating/viewing/managing portfolios.

Project creator has full access to project

When this option is selected, the creator is granted full access to his/her project.



To change these settings, follow these steps:



Log in as Administrator (or a user who has the ‘Manage System Settings ’ permission). If you are already logged in, skip this step.


Select Settings | General submenu of the User menu on the header menu. This will open the Administration settings screen.


Go to Advanced settings tab.


Under Program settings, make changes, as appropriate.


Click Apply for the settings to take effect.