SmarterTrack integration

EP Help General > Settings > General > Advanced settings

Easy Projects allows integrating your account with SmarterTrack. This is implemented in such a way that any SmarterTrack ticket can be converted to an activity of any type you choose.


To enable SmarterTrack integration:



Log in as Administrator (or a user who has the ‘Manage System Settings ’ permission). If you are already logged in, skip this step.


Select General, Settings submenu of the User menu on the header menu.This will open the Administration settings screen.


Go to Advanced settings tab.


Under SmarterTrack integration settings, click 'Enable SmarterTrack integration'.


Fill in the details to access your SmarterTrack account.


To test the connection, click ' Test SmarterTrack settings'. A text message in green will appear if the test is successful, otherwise a test failed message will appear in red.


Re-check the details, if the test fails, and try again.


Click 'Apply' if the test is successful.


To convert a SmarterTrack ticket to an activity, refer to Import from SmarterTrack.