Issue by email

EP Help General > Settings > General > Advanced settings

The issue by email settings are found in User menu | Settings | General | Advance settings.

This feature allows adding issues to the system by mailing them to a special mailbox at your mail server.

The mailbox is checked automatically at regular pre-set intervals, and received messages are copied from the mailbox and added as issues to the default project for adding issues. The Sender address on any particular message is used to identify the user who has submitted the issue. If a given address is not included in the list of enabled users’ addresses, the user specified as Default issue creator is taken to have submitted the issue. In other words, anyone can send a message at the given address and the message will be added as an issue. If the issue is submitted by an EP user who has no permission to add issues to the target project, it will be added on behalf of the default issue creator.


Target project to add issues submitted by email to


To determine which project a submitted issue should be added to, Easy Projects checks out the message’s subject and body for the first text string it encounters, given in angle brackets (<Project Name>), treating it as not case-sensitive while comparing it with project names stored in the system. If no angle brackets are there in the message, or no available project name matches the string, the project specified as Default project for issues in the settings is used.



It is only projects in relation to which the user who is submitting an issue has ‘Add Issues’ permission enabled in the role that are taken into count. In all other cases, the default project for issues is used.


Naming the issue


The subject of the e-mail by which the issue is sent becomes the name of the issue being added.



The issue name will be kept intact regardless of whether an activity with the same name already exists.


 Cases when an issue by e-mail is not added


An issue will NOT be added to the system in cases as follows:



the user who is submitting the issue is disabled (as in the case when the user was initially specified as Default issue creator in the settings and later became disabled), and


the user has had the ‘Add Issues’ permission disabled in its role in relation to the project it is submitting the issue to. In this case the issue will be added to the default project for issues by the default issue creator.


Checking connectivity


You can test connection by clicking on the "Test connection settings" button. Successful testing results in ‘Connection to POP3 server was established successfully’ message. Otherwise, you will get an error message. Re-check your settings and try again.


An example of Issue by email settings is given in the illustration: