Custom forms overview

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Custom forms give you flexibility in creating online data sheets and questionnaires and power to decide who can access forms you create. A custom form can contain all kinds of data fields that can be used to create customizable reports or data sheets. A simple example could be a list of contacts, or bank accounts. Options are, however, virtually limitless.


Another great advantage that you have with custom forms in Easy Projects is that you can share them using a public URL. Also, you can embed a form into your own site using an HTML code that is supplied with any form automatically. Once the form is embedded it can be used by any visitor coming to your site. It could be a survey, or a vote, or anything.


Yet another big plus is that once a custom form is created you can easily convert it to an Easy Projects project or activity.


The main benefits of customs forms are as follows:


creation of data sheets, questionnaires and online forms;

easy conversion to projects;

easy conversion to tasks, issues, or requests;

embedding a form into your own website;

sharing a form via a public URL;

collection and analysis of feed back using online forms;

and many more.