Selecting custom form users

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You must have 'Manage all custom forms' global permission or be included in the list of users of a custom form with the permission 'Manage this custom form and its records' to perform the actions below.


To fulfill their purpose, the forms you create need to be accessible. You can choose who will be able to manage the form you create.


To select a custom form user:



Click Custom Forms on the header menu.


Click 'Manage custom forms'.


Locate the form you want to edit.


Click the 'Edit' link.


Under Specify who can access this form, click 'Add users or teams' to add users given access to the form. Default value: Everyone (available actions: Add records).


As a user is added, a drop-down action editor opens for you to edit the actions available to the user. The default action is Add records. Select any other custom form actions that the user can perform.


Repeat Steps 2 to 5 to add as many users to access the form as you need.



Guest users cannot be added to the custom form list of users. However, you can give access to all guest users by selecting the 'Allow guest users to access the form' option under What to do next. See Guest users below.



Guest users


Guest users are Easy Projects users with limited access powers and are not included on the list of users

you select from on Step 4 above. While you cannot directly add a guest user to the list of users of a custom form,

you can grant such users the right to add records to any custom form you create.


To grant guest users access to a custom form:



Start creating a custom form, or open a saved custom form for editing.


Under What to do next, select 'Allow guest users to access the form'.


Complete creating or editing the custom form.


Click 'Save changes'.


As a result, the form will become available on the Custom forms panel in Guest Portal.



Alert! 'Manage Custom Form and records' checkbox


You can find yourself locked out of editing a custom form even if you are the only user who receives

notifications about added records or can manage records added to the form.


This happens if you or somebody else with access omits to select the 'Manage this custom form and its records' checkbox in the user options (under the 'Specify who can access this form' section, accessible by clicking a pencil button next to the user's name, see Figure below).

As a result, you will not see the custom form on the Manage Custom Forms list.


To avoid this, make sure you select the checkbox in your user options. See the figure below.







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